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Major: Aerospace Engineering
Year: 2020
"I've been involved with SASE for over 2 years, and have gained invaluable experience through the amazing people and opportunities. I'm excited to provide a wonderful experience to everyone attending our Regional Conference!"

Parth Patel


Major: Computer Science
Minor: Technology Entrepreneurship
Year: 2019
"I have attended 3 National and 2 regional conferences, and all have been instrumental in helping me develop professionally and meet a crazy number of awesome people!"

Michael Liu

Vice President

Major: Dual Degree Math/Computer Science
Year: 2019
"I joined SASE Spring of 2016 and recently joined the eboard as Webmaster last semester. To give back to the community, I created this website for our chapter."

Edgar Zhu


Major: Information Science/Studies
Year: 2020
"I’m Elli, a junior information science major and the Public Relations and Graphic Design Chair of SASE UMD. If you need help for Photoshop, hit me up!"

Elli Ugot

Graphic Designer

Major: Biochemistry & Cell Biology
Year: 2020
"I wanna be a doctor so I can bring honor to my family. I play League of Legos. I have a growing addiction for chicken nuggets. Somehow still hooked on One Piece."

Andy Guan

Marketing Director

Major: Finance/Information Systems double major
Year: 2020
"Career goals in finance somewhere. Hobbies include video games (LoL mostly) and music (big Kanye West fan)."

David Xu


Major: Computer Science
Year: 2020
"Hello! I’m Astha. If I'm not riddled with stress, you may find me hammocking, memeing, or scheming. I also play the guitar and love to hike. My dream is to one day work with AR/VR, but in the meanwhile, I’m excited to serve the SASE community!"

Astha Singhal


Major: Computer Engineering
Year: 2019
"I like league of legends, tetris, and climbing."

Daniel Rong

Fundraising Chair

Imagine, Ignite, Illuminate

SASE Regional Conference 2019

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